The project seeks to investigate ways in which young people experience, frame, and perceive sexuality in contemporary
South Africa and whether this has an impact on the uptake of sexual health interventions. It forms a pilot study that combines the strengths of anthropological research with the strategies of a youth-focused public engagement project. We seek to better understand how people mediate between public discourse, perceived information from institutions, and lived experiences of sexuality.

Key activities include:

1. AN INTERDISCIPLINARY SYMPOSIUM to develop a robust network of local sexual health researchers, facilitate dialogue with government, media, and civil society stakeholders, as well as art practitioners, and identify future potential collaborators. Fringe events include a one-night exhibition/performances (by participants) at Kalashnikovv Gallery.

2. A TWO-WEEK WORKSHOP for young people, training participants both in understanding the “biological aspects” of STIs as well the use of audio-visual equipment, allowing participants to visually record personal as well as peer group perceptions of sexuality. Applicants are recruited via social media and whilst using digital photography as a base to start from, video and audio recordings will be encouraged as well as other suitable digital forms that may be developed during workshops.

3. AN EXHIBITION of audio visual outcomes (photographic, text based work, video and audio works) will be curated by the participants and exhibited w/c 8 July 2018.

4. ANTHROPOLOGICAL RESEARCH in the form of focus groups and interviews with youth that were enrolled in workshops, as well as additional participants, to gain further insights into perceptions of sexuality.

The study received seed funding from the Wellcome Trust (UK).

* * *

‘Sexuality: A Symposium’, the _WellSexuality workshops and the team behind these two great events strive to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for people of all identities. We do not condone discrimination or harassment of any kind. Please feel free to approach any of the organisers if you feel unsafe.